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Example of Rayman Designer mapYou will find below some Rayman Designer levels made by other people in the world. Each level comes with its title, the author and its estimated difficulty. To download a level, simply click on its title.

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Please note that the difficulty criteria has been automatically estimated for some levels and cannot be accurate for all of them. Feel free to report us any wrong estimation.


Author Title Difficulty Size
Ray296 Peaceful Land Easy 115 kB
The-Duke The journey begins Easy 133 kB
The-Duke Hi Tarayzan! Easy 136 kB
Ray296 The frozen world Easy 114 kB
raymanheeonejan Forest Plants Land Easy 153 kB
:3 Loli Mushrooms & Hands Medium 11 kB
:3 Loli Forest Medium 12 kB
:3 Loli Lily's Medium 16 kB
SaHaR Fruity Climb Medium 12 kB
ClassicGamer Jungle Jamboree Medium 125 kB
EardrummeR Rockin' Rainforest Medium 105 kB
RaymanFan11 Dangerous Forest Medium 13 kB
ofir lake cross Medium 9 kB
RaymanFan11 Rayman's Forest Medium 15 kB
RaymanFan11 Extreme Water Medium 15 kB
:3 Loli Bushes Medium 14 kB
GOT4N Jungle damage! Hard 9 kB
Jaxx Music or Jungle? Hard 111 kB
RaymanFan11 The Lost Hunters Hard 11 kB
EardrummeR The Field of Wonders Hard 117 kB
Michael Keyes Plum Juice Factory Hard 117 kB
pjs The Ride Hard 120 kB
pjs Zoom Down Hard 15 kB
EardrummeR Rayman`s Nightmare Hard 13 kB
:3 Loli Swamp Hard 13 kB


Author Title Difficulty Size
MilesTheCreator Antitoon Hell Easy 12 kB
Reddy64_Gaming Melody River Easy 97 kB
ClassicGamer Bongo Mountains Medium 20 kB
That Weird Peanut Melody highway Medium 14 kB
Jaxx First steps Medium 130 kB
Ferplays Almost On Top Medium 63 kB
Ray The Hearing of The Song Medium 12 kB
:3 Loli Helicopter Medium 19 kB
RayCarrot Musical Chaos Medium 18 kB
Ray296 Musical pan Medium 17 kB
Razorbeard The First Act Medium 12 kB
pjs Sway Medium 8 kB
Razorbeard The First Act Medium 18 kB
SitemasterKingX Spike Syndrome Medium 10 kB
pjs Cloudpress Hard 9 kB
ofir drums Hard 9 kB
pjs Zambia Hard 112 kB
PsychoFactory Jumping Over Coockies Hard 114 kB
EardrummeR Going Upstairs Hard 14 kB
EardrummeR Red Hot Runaway Hard 102 kB


Author Title Difficulty Size
Jaxx Long Road Medium 114 kB
Jaxx Endless Trap Medium 116 kB
ClassicGamer Alpine Ascent Medium 16 kB
SaHaR Mr.Stone's Playground Medium 129 kB
Andres Entre las rocas. Medium 142 kB
RaymanFan11 The Gulch of Twilight Medium 38 kB
:3 Loli Hights Medium 10 kB
RaymanFan11 The Dark Chamber Medium 15 kB
RaymanFan11 The New Gulch Medium 8 kB
Classic Mountain Madness Medium 141 kB
RaymanFan11 Prickly Balls Medium 121 kB
pjs Shadow Portal Medium 128 kB
ofir where is the exit?! Medium 8 kB
GOT4N Monsters Map Medium 11 kB
Jaxx Trap Hard 108 kB
Jaxx Between Spikes Hard 109 kB
Jaxx Bonus? Hard 108 kB
EardrummeR Blocks II Hard 13 kB
EardrummeR Action! Hard 115 kB
EardrummeR Red Hot Rocks Hard 13 kB
PscyhoFactory White Mountain Hard 140 kB


Author Title Difficulty Size
Newraymanheeonejan Stationery Land Easy 107 kB
Hyperness Eraser Level Easy 12 kB
Michael and Gerard Keyes Pencilvania Easy 83 kB
ClassicGamer Eraser Peaks Medium 100 kB
Yassine I.L Au coeur des gommes Medium 30 kB
RayMoon Paint My Music Medium 58 kB
Dominik B Art Travel Medium 14 kB
ofir climbing Medium 8 kB
RayCarrot Creating a painting Medium 16 kB
That Weird Peanut Eraser Valley Medium 13 kB
pjs Happy Up Here Medium 97 kB
ClassicGamer Skyward Stationary Medium 110 kB
Unknown Spiked Medium 14 kB
Admiral Sergio 2015 Ting Tower Medium 94 kB
EardrummeR Blocks Medium 8 kB
PsychoFactory Hurt Painter Hard 101 kB
Unknown A long way home part1 Hard 14 kB
LJ The Cinema Show Hard 94 kB
Jonathan McCravy Easiest level ever Hard 8 kB
Ferplays Pencil Road Hard 97 kB
EardrummeR Invisible Hard 7 kB
EardrummeR Blocks III Hard 8 kB
Jaxx Magic Carpet Hard 99 kB

CAVE World

Author Title Difficulty Size
Jaxx Endless Descent Easy 119 kB
Classic Alone In The Cavens Medium 33 kB
Jaxx Energetic Trip Medium 133 kB
That Weird Peanut Spiky Caves Medium 15 kB
Andres El sr. de las anillas Medium 158 kB
ClassicGamer Volcanic ashes Hard 123 kB
Jaxx Dark Deep Cave Hard 139 kB
EardrummeR Beach Beasts Hard 123 kB

CAKE World

Author Title Difficulty Size
Cody K (RayFan9876) Tight Turns Medium 76 kB
That Weird Peanut Sweet Journey Medium 17 kB
SaHaR Bouncy Jelly Medium 90 kB
Michael and Gerard Keyes Confectionary Conundrum Medium 19 kB
Anszu Lemon Jelly Medium 104 kB
ofir mr. dark new magic Medium 9 kB
RaymanFan11 Bouncing Candy Medium 14 kB
Reddy64_Gaming Mr. Dark's Fortress Medium 97 kB
Andres Atrapado en un horno. Medium 104 kB
PsychoFactory Star Candy Medium 89 kB
PsychoFactory Candy Star II Medium 91 kB
SitemasterKingX Pie Platters Hard 13 kB
Michael Keyes THE DARK SIDE!!!!!!!!!!! Hard 9 kB
GeekOfTheGame Mr Dark Arena Hard 16 kB
EardrummeR WhatControls Hard 79 kB
SaHaR Mr.Dark's Playground Hard 98 kB


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Last update: 29 April 2023